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This page is about Dawn of War units. For background information, see Space Marines.


Dow sm force commander icon.pngForce CommanderPrimary commanderBoosts morale recovery when attached to squads. Provides attack and morale bonuses for troops. Effective against infantry, heavy infantry, and daemons. Excels at close combat.
Dow sm librarian icon.pngLibrarianSecondary commander
Dow sm toth icon.pngInquisitor TothTertiary commander


Dow sm servitor icon.pngServitorBuilder unit
Dow scoutmarine icon.pngScout Marine SquadLight infantryInfantry. Scout/recon/sniper unit. Good sight range. Weapon upgrades effective against heavy infantry and breaking morale. Can be upgraded to use Infiltration (stealth). Effective as scouts and support units.
Dow tacticalmarine icon.pngSpace Marine SquadVersatile ranged infantry
Dow sm assaultmarine icon.pngAssault Marine SquadMelee jump infantry
Dow sm terminator icon.pngTerminator SquadElite ranged infantry
Dow terminator assault icon.pngAssault Terminator SquadElite melee infantry
Dow sm apothecary icon.pngApothecaryHealer unit
Dow sm skullprobe icon.pngSkull ProbeScouting unit


Dow sm rhino icon.pngRhinoTransport
Dow sm land speeder icon.pngLand SpeederLight vehicle
Dow sm dreadnought icon.pngDreadnoughtMelee walker vehicle
Dow sm hellfire dreadnought icon.pngHellfire DreadnoughtRanged walker vehicle
Dow sm whirlwind icon.pngWhirlwindArtillery tank
Dow sm predator icon.pngPredatorMain battle tank
Dow sm land raider icon.pngLand RaiderSuper-heavy tank and transport


Dow sm bolter turret icon.pngHeavy Bolter TurretStationary defense
Dow sm orbital relay icon.pngOrbital RelayStationary defense