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This page is about Dawn of War units. For background information, see Orks.


Dow ork warboss icon.png  Warboss
Dow ork big mek icon.png  Big Mek


Dow ork gretchin icon.png  Gretchin Squad
Dow ork slugga icon.png  Slugga Boy Squad
Dow ork shoota boyz icon.png  Shoota Boy Squad
Dow ork stormboyz icon.png  Stormboyz Squad
Dow ork tankbustaz icon.png  TankBustaz Squad
Dow ork nobz icon.png  Nob Squad
Dow ork mad dok icon.png  Mad Dok


Dow ork wartrukk icon.png  Wartrukk
Dow ork wartrak icon.png  Wartrak
Dow ork killa kan icon.png  Killa Kan
Dow ork looted tank icon.png  Looted Tank
Dow ork squiggoth icon.png  Squiggoth


All Ork buildings (except for Generators) act as turrets. The most dangerous ones are Waaagh! Banners and Da Listening Posts, which can be upgraded with heavy weapons. Orks need a certain amount of Waaagh! Banners to build anything but basic units and structures; the banners also raise their unit caps.

Achievement secret.jpg  Settlement
Achievement secret.jpg  Da Boyz Hut
Achievement secret.jpg  Pile O Gunz!
Achievement secret.jpg  Da Mek Shop
Achievement secret.jpg  Da Listening Post
Achievement secret.jpg  Waaagh! Banner