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This page is about Dawn of War units. For background information, see Chaos Space Marines.


Dow csm lord icon.pngChaos LordPrimary commander
Dow csm sorcerer icon.pngChaos SorcererSecondary commander


Dow csm heretic icon.pngHereticBuilder unit
Dow csm cultist icon.pngCultist SquadBasic infantry
Dow csm marine icon.pngChaos Space MarinesRanged infantry
Dow csm raptor icon.pngRaptor SquadJump infantry
Dow csm horror icon.pngHorror SquadRanged daemons
Dow csm possessed icon.pngPossessed SquadElite melee infantry
Dow csm obliterator icon.pngObliterator SquadElite ranged infantry


Dow csm rhino icon.pngChaos Rhino TransportTransport
Dow csm defiler icon.pngDefilerWalker vehicle
Dow csm predator icon.pngChaos PredatorTank


Dow csm bloodthirster icon.pngBloodthirsterRelic unit
Dow csm daemon prince icon.pngDaemon PrinceMonster


Dow csm hb turret icon.pngHeavy Bolter TurretTurret